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Velugu follows a holistic approach to education, taking equal care of the mental as well as physical well being. We balance activities across the schoolroom, playground, and other spaces. Since each special child needs to be taught in a special way, the learning is tuned and shaped according to individual abilities.

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About Us

Velugu Society is a community of children, teachers and caregivers in Madanapalle, Andhra Pradesh, India. The children are truly special. It doesn’t matter if their bodies are disobedient, and the mind is differently abled. They try, they achieve! In every way our children are full of ‘velugu’, which is another word for ‘light’. You have to see them. In the same campus is a home for women seniors, fifty of them, wonderful testimonies to the human spirit. We have learnt from them how to have courage and forbearance in adversity.

Our Vision

Achieving holistic and wholesome rehabilitation of capacitated and empowered disabled children, towards leading dignified, self–supportive lives, and joining the mainstream of society with the confidence and feeling that they are in no way less than other able bodied citizens.

Our Mission

To plan and implement result-assured activities through participatory approach involving all stake holders, for achieving the sustainable development, empowerment and rehabilitation of disabled children in society, within a set time frame


To establish and run Institutions to educate, capacitate and make the children skilled for their future inclusive growth. To build awareness, sensitize and impact people and society; so as to make them pro-active to the problems of disabled children and single aged women.

Velugu Special School

School for Intellectually Disabled Children

Velugu Society, nestled in Madanapalle, Andhra Pradesh, is a haven for special children, teachers, and caregivers. Despite physical challenges, our children radiate 'velugu' (light), showcasing determination and achievement. Visit Us : #12-2, Aamicheruvu, Kadiri Road, Kollabylu Rural, Madanapalle, Andhra Pradesh 517325

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Special School

Empowering intellectually disabled children through free education, fostering growth, inclusion, and a brighter future filled with possibilities.


Free food & Shelter

"Velugu Special School: Offering free food and shelter, nurturing children in need, ensuring a compassionate and secure environment for growth."


Skill Development Training

"Empowering through skill development, unlocking potential, and fostering independence for a brighter future in inclusivity and capability."


Home for Aged women

"Velugu Society offers a free and caring home for aged women, fostering a supportive environment where they find comfort and companionship."

Our Facilities

Teaching, learning aids, books

Learning aids are fundamental requirements in special education and we ensure adequate number of devices for simultaneous use. Students are fully engaged in learning activities during learning time. Books are provided free of cost. Visual charts and other teaching aids are used extensively.

Library and Reading Room

Velugu Organization proudly hosts a vibrant library tailored especially for kids! From captivating storybooks to educational resources, our library aims to ignite the love for reading and learning in young hearts. Explore our collection and embark on magical literary adventures!

Feeding Minds and Bodies at Velugu Organization!

Our state-of-the-art steam kitchen boasts the capacity to cook nutritious meals for up to 300 children at once. Ensuring every child receives nourishing food is at the heart of our mission. Join us in creating a healthier, happier future for our community!

Speech therapy

Facilities are yet to be streamlined.

Lab for Deaf and Hearing Impaired

Special lab for classroom activity has provision for group hearing aid. In addition, each child is empowered with an individual hearing device.

Computer Lab

Equipped with 25 computers and a full time computer teaching staff.

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